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Rovers Football Academy

The new-look ROVERS FOOTBALL ACADEMY will kick-off in late 2015 and is available to junior players at the Hampton Rovers Football Club. The program is free and is open to boys of secondary school age (i.e. Under 13-17 in 2016).

Four sessions will be held later in 2015, commencing Monday 23rd November at Boss James Reserve and weekly sessions will be held in 2016. The Rovers Academy will be run primarily by Steve Kennedy, with guest AFL presenters and senior Hampton Rovers players.

To register your son, please contact Steve Kennedy:


Monday 23rd November 5:30pm - 6:30pm Boss James Reserve
Monday 30th November 5:30pm - 6:30pm Boss James Reserve
Monday 7th December 5:30pm - 6:30pm Boss James Reserve
Monday 14th December 5:30pm - 6:30pm Boss James Reserve
Further sessions will be announced at a later date. It is expected sessions will be held at various times during School Holiday's as well as regular weekly sessions in 2016.


  • Why?
  • Thought patterns of a winner
  • Reasons why people achieve what they want in Sport
  • Practical and instructional work on:
    • Diet
    • Strength
    • Speed
    • Fitness
    • Agility
    • Recovery
    • Rehabilitation
    • Time Management
    • Mental skills
    • Flexibility
    • Vertical jump
    • Body shape
    • Game sense
    • Goalsetting
    • Resilience
    • Support networks
    • PLUS plenty of work on Skills



Kicking – both feet – to zones for distance, to leads – straight up & across the ground, across the body, for goal.  Banana kicks for goal, drop kicks 10-20 metres to practise dropping the ball on to foot, keeping head over ball, following through. Use centre square for following through & landing on kicking leg. Other – types of kick, torpedo, flat punt.

Marking – arm & overhead.  From front, side, rear & speckies.   Teach to mark on leads.  Hands drills to improve marking, squash balls to improve hand/finger strength.  Flat hands on wet days.

Picking up the Ball – Avoid stationary pick up drills – never happens in games.  Throwing, kicking ball to groups both to and most importantly away fro people so they run onto the ball.  Explain that when ball is bouncing away from person hands go to the side of the ball.  When coming at them hands point down behind the ball.  Half volleys, ankle-knee catches of ball.  Make sure hands go to the ball – not around it.

Tackling – keep feet  on ground, watch hips of opponents, drop shoulder & turn head to avoid facial injury.  Drills to practice from side, rear & front.  Ensure genuine practise not token.

Smothering – hands together – diamond shape with thumb & index fingers – don't bend elbows.  Keep head behind stretched hands.  Practise, front/side – handballs & kicks.

Shoot from hips

Handball – rocket, floater, overspin – try to avoid stationary practise – use running exercises – targets etc. Measure & test where appropriate. Games – touchball, corridor football etc.

Evasion Skills – baulk, weave, side step, spin, dummy

How to stand the Mark – hands close to ball turn opponent towards boundary, hold centre of ground.  Coralling – hold opponent in don't get drawn in and in turn side stepped.  How to play on quickly – get back off mark & deviate quickly.

Overlapping – How to overlap in general play – when to run off – when to stay with opponent.  How to prevent opponent overlapping.  How to run past to receive a handball from a set play situation – eg free kick, mark.

Crumbing – Who crumbs?  Why?  What is the fall of the ball?  How do you get there?  Remember over 85% of spoiled marks are a right cross from opponent.  What does this mean for crumbing?  Follow the flight of the ball – watch the ball.

Reading the Play/General Football Knowledge – use tapes of A.F.L. games to ask questions of players as to why certain events occurred?  Lecture on what reading the play means – ie getting to where the ball is going.

Specific Positional Play – What is the role of defenders, forwards, onballers, midfielders, running players, sweepers, taggers, overlappers.

Team Rules/Game plans – What are they?  How do they differ?  Why do we have them?  What happens if you don't follow them?

Diet/Fitness – How do the two inter relate?  Why is it important to watch your diet at 14-16 years of age?  How can they get fitter?  What strength work can they do?

Goal setting – Why is this important?  What goals should they set?  Why is time management important?  What can they do to develop habits of self organisation?


The sessions will be run primarily by Steve Kennedy, with guest AFL presenters and senior Hampton Rovers players.

Steve is the Hampton Rovers Coaching Coordinator. His past experience also include:

  • Senior Coach of Sandringham Dragons U18 TAC Cup
  • Regional Manager of the Dandenong Stingrays, including 9 years as defensive/assistant coach
  • Recruiting Officer for the Brisbane Lions
  • Being involved with St Kilda Football Club in Recruiting, PE & Junior Development
  • Assistant Coach & Selector For Vic Metro Under 16 & 18’s

We strongly encourage all Hampton Rovers junior players to get involved in this great program.

To register your son, please contact Steve Kennedy:

Rovers Football Academy



Round 18 - 2 Sep 2017
Old Mentonians

Lost: 12.16.88 - 17.14.116
Round 1 - 7 Apr 2018

Boss James Reserve






Saturday 24th March

Practice Game v Mordialloc

Saturday 7th April

2018 VAFA Season Commences



2018 Fixture revealed

The 2018 VAFA Division One Fixture has been released with the Rovers hosting Kew in round one at Boss James Reserve. Meanwhile, player registrations are now open for the 2018 season.

Corp and Pinto return for 2018

Hampton Rovers Premiership players Daniel Corp and Kyle Pinto will be back in the green and gold next year and are looking forward to a successful 2018 VAFA season with the club.

Annual Report 2017

The 2017 Hampton Rovers Annual Report is now available for viewing online. The 65-page publication includes all the reports from the senior and junior sections of the club including all 27 teams and stats for all 660 players.



Bendigo Bank Sandringham



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